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    Full Name
  • RIFATRON Company Limited
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    Catch Phrase
  • World #1 Recorder of Video Surveillance
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  • 쉶궗嫄대Ъ 븘씠肄 January 1998
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  • 쐞移 븘씠肄 HQ in Seoul
    Factory in Seungnam City
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    Business field
  • 蹂 븘씠肄 Video surveillance system (DVR, Camera and peripherals)
    Linux based Stand-alone DVR

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  • 吏곸썝 븘씠肄 Total 70 family members
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    Worldwide Presence
  • 吏곸썝 븘씠肄 Domestic → 22 customers including 3 nationwide distributors
    吏곸썝 븘씠肄 Overseas → 100 customers all over 45 countries

Message From CEO

Welcome to Rifatron Website

Welcome to RIFATRON Website.
We are very happy, if this provides you with all the information you may look for.
If not, please kindly contact our staff through e-mail or phone for further information.Only with your attention and support, our operation will get improved.We hope to find out business opportunity with you.
Many thanks for your kind attention.
Jong-wan Lim