RIFATRON Philosophy & Direction
  • Philosophy : “Life for truth”
    Securing personal life and legal entity on the basis of the vivid truth
  • Product : the best Korean hardware & software
    Clear picture quality of Live, PB, VMS and Mobile
    Simple and user friendly GUI
    Speedy operation to call the data
  • All Kind of VSR Supplier (Video Surveillance Recorder)

    Hardware: All kinds of DVRs & NVRs

    Software: VMS, RMS, Smartphone-viewer, P2P, DDNS, Push alarm, WebViewer (for IE and Mac)

  • Distinctive Features
    P2P, Relay, Reinforced DDNS, Coaxitron, QR code smartphone set up
    Ethernet POS, FTP upload, Push notification
  • Country marketing
    Building up life-long relationship with customers sharing same goal for growth