• 1. Web service
  • DVR WEB Service is the most easy and convenient way to
    enjoy the all features of DVRs and NVRs without any software installation.
  • 2. DVR Web service
  • If you are using the firmware 15.x.xxx, it means that you can use DVR WEB SERVICE.
    The main purpose of DVR WEB SERVICE is for easy setup for users to control DVR
    setup and live view by WEB easily
  • please input the IP and port number on the web browser as same as below
  • Then, you will see the log-in menu, Please input your ID and PW for the DVR or NVR
  • After log-in, you will see the main menu as same as below
※ This web service has been developed only for Internet Explorer and Chrome
We can’t guarantee the other web browser
Recommended Web browser:
    More than Internet Explorer 10
    More than Chrome 42.0
    More than Safari 5.1.7

If the web browser is lower version, some features are not able to be controlled
  • Please see the menu